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Richard Crenian, President of ReDev Properties Ltd., is pleased to announce the closing of the sale of Whitemud Crossing located at 4211 106th Street, Edmonton Alberta. Whitemud Crossing Purchased in 2005 Over 93,300 square feet of retail space in one of Edmonton’s major areas  The property is currently fully leased with an excellent mixture of local and national tenants. “I am very pleased we have sold the shopping centre and achieved value for ReDev and our partners,” said ReDev Properties Founder and President Richard Crenian. “We believe in the Alberta market and will continue…Continue Reading “Richard Crenian Announces: Closing of Whitemud Crossing”

Richard Crenian

Richard Crenian’s advice: Planning ahead can save you alot trouble after you have signed a lease or rental contract. Remember a TV show, that focused on the opening of a special vault in a Chicago hotel owned by gangster Al Capone? And despite all the build-up and hype, nothing was found in that vault! While TV fans thrive on the suspense, the commercial real estate world does not. In commercial real estate, we try to avoid surprises, because they can result in unexpected costs. Many experts…Continue Reading “Richard Crenian’s Tips: Avoid the Unexpected With Good Planning”

While Manhattan struggles, Edmonton has seen the opposite happen with retail real estate. Last year was the best year for retail in Edmonton since 2013 and it seems to be continuing in 2017. Some downtown development plans have come back to life due to the strength of retail in Edmonton. Since 2014, retail rents in Manhattan have fallen as much as 30%, according to a report from brokerage CBRE. This is just one more sign showing the New York retail market is in trouble. Rents…Continue Reading “Manhattan Retail Struggles, While Edmonton Retail Rises”

Retail in Edmonton has remained strong, even through recent economic fluctuations. The following four factors show new growth happening, which should encourage retail investors, and create new opportunities. Find out what’s happening, where the changes are happening, and consider how it may help open up new doors for you as an investor, or bolster returns on Edmonton retail properties you already have in your portfolio. Oil Prices Remaining Stable Oil prices are expected to remain stable and may even go up a bit, which is…Continue Reading “Why Retail Investors Should Be Encouraged by the Edmonton Economy?”

Direct capitalization is a great process in a stable marketplace; however, it fails to reflect changes in market conditions, and it does not take into account for any financial leverage benefits or any income changes. Cap rate is a way for investors in the commercial real estate to figure out if the investment is a good choice or a bad choice. While the cap rate is important, it should not be the only consideration when it comes to making an investment choice. In order to…Continue Reading “The Time Value of Money”

Richard Crenian

Murmurs that the hot Canadian real estate market is heading for a correction have been stirring around media sources for a while now.  But, despite all the background noise, the real estate market, both residential and commercial, in major Canadian hubs like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary remains fairly bustling, with positive valuations and strong demand.  Of course, this is not to say that the Canadian real estate market will continually enjoy high values, nor does it mean that the cyclical nature of real estate has…Continue Reading “Another Unique Milestone for the Edmonton Market”

The following are a few tips that will help you as an entrepreneur build a narrative that will speak to investors in a way that makes sense to them. Illustrate value Smart investors want value. Entrepreneurs oftentimes focus too much on marketing or plans for expansion in the distant future. Consequently, they lose the interest of their potential investors. The first question savvy investors want answered is: ‘How are you making me money?’” Business expectations for the future and marketing-type materials can be a part…Continue Reading “Entrepreneurs Should Put Themselves in Investors’ Shoes”

ReDev Properties Ltd. is pleased to announce three of its commercial properties have been approved for mortgage refinancing in the first quarter of 2017. “We are very proud that our experience in acquiring quality assets in good locations, as well as our commitment to adding value to our assets has been recognized with the achievement of new mortgages,” said ReDev Founder and President Richard Crenian. “Refinancing our mortgages are the logical next steps for these properties, allowing us to continue to grow and deliver strong…Continue Reading “ReDev Properties Ltd. and Richard Crenian Announces New Mortgage Refinancing for Three Properties”

Richard Crenian, the president of ReDev Properties, Ltd. joined in the participation of the 12th Annual Scotiabank Pro-Am Hockey tournament this past weekend in Baycrest. The tournament is held annually for Alzheimer’s support; Richard Crenian has attended the tournament for the past decade. This year the participating teams were joined by 27 NHL Alumni players. “I’m a big fan of hockey, but I’m also passionate about using a sport to bring the community together to support an important cause, such as funding for Alzheimer’s research….Continue Reading “Richard Crenian Participates in the 12th Annual Scotiabank Pro-Am Alzheimer Hockey Tournament”

Richard Crenian

As Canadian housing prices continue to rise, affordability is becoming more of a concern within the marketplace. What role do local shopping plazas play in this dynamic and what will it mean for Canadian investors? Richard Crenian discusses: For investors, the housing situation is questionable and uneven across the country. While this presents more uncertainty for residential property investors, shopping plazas offer a way to participate in a viable solution and offer a great outlook for investment performance. Participating now, could yield the best rewards…Continue Reading “Local Plazas Impact on Canadian Housing Costs”