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The Scotiabank Pro-Am Hockey Tournament always sees a big turnout, especially when ReDev Properties’ president Richard Crenian takes to the ice. This event is hosted every year to help raise fund for Alzheimer’s in support of Baycrest. Teams were drafted and included 27 NHL Alumni players this year, including Lanny McDonald, Paul Coffey and Wendel Clark. The event help raise over $1.5 million to help support Baycrest Health Sciences, with Richard coming in as the runner up with more than $59K raised. Richard, along with…Continue Reading “Richard Crenian: Raises Money in Support of Alzheimers”

New Government efforts to stop a housing crash and to increase housing affordability could be beneficial to local retailers and their landlords. Affordable Housing Initiatives The CIBC’s deputy chief economist, Benjamin Tal, has recently posed that government intervention is necessary to avoid worsening affordability crisis in major Canadian cities. Rents have been increasing at a higher rate than home prices, and master-planned affordable housing projects are being viewed by some as essential for offering some relief to residents. Canada may have the space to build,…Continue Reading “The Benefits of Canada’s New Housing Affordability Initiatives”

Global uncertainty continues to wreak havoc on investors, as markets are dealing with political uncertainty, sizable economic shifts, and changing real estate markets. Although we have plenty of data to predict where we are going on a macroeconomic level over a long term period, the current narrative within the investment community is driving sophisticated investors towards sustainable investments, which instill trust and confidence. Commercial real estate is playing a big role in institutional investment portfolios, but it is where investors put their capital today, which…Continue Reading “Canada’s Sustainable Commercial Real Estate Market”

Whenever people talk about buying property you are likely to hear the old saying: “location, location, location.” But for property investors it is more likely to be: “finance, finance, finance.”, and for those of us in the commercial real estate sector, who have experience of good and bad times, we are most likely to say: “research, research, research.” The lessons I’ve learned can be boiled down to one simple fact when dealing with multi-billion fund partners, contractors and tenants, your chance of success is much…Continue Reading “Richard Crenian’s Winning Formula”

The increase in online shopping has been remarkable, and now represents close to 10% of the overall purchases made in many parts of Canada. The growth in e-commerce, however, isn’t turning out to be the threat everyone expected for brick-and-mortar retail. Canadians continue to shop in physical stores, and enjoy the engagement especially  when it comes to personal treatments and customer services. One of the biggest transformations becoming apparent  in shopping centres is that they’re becoming unofficial community centres for neighbourhoods, offering social sanctuary for…Continue Reading “Retail’s Transition”

Last month, ReDev Properties announced the closing of Whitemud Crossing, located in a prime Edmonton shopping area, marking a strong ending to the quarter. The outdoor commercial real estate company believes it can maintain this momentum throughout the remainder of the year because of several ongoing projects. “During the first half of 2017, we successfully refinanced a number of plazas, allowing us to return a portion of the funds to our partners, and greatly enhance their overall returns,” said Richard Crenian, President of ReDev Properties….Continue Reading “Richard Crenian Expects a strong Q3”

As the Canadian real estate market continues to grow and develop, there are many changes happening throughout the industry as 2016 comes to a close. The new year brings with it a forecast of new trends and challenges to the commercial real estate market. Here are 6 tips for investors from Richard Crenian, to help with portfolio performance in the new year:   Planning From Richard Crenian Re-evaluation is always important, especially when we cross over into a new year. Analyzing and re-evaluating your financial plans,…Continue Reading “New Years Tips For Investors”

According to Canada’s continued love for shopping, the commercial real estate property will continue to put money into investors pockets. While some worry that online and mobile markets are taking over the physical shopping experience, experts say that this is far from the truth. Richard Crenian expand on this below. Richard Crenian: Online vs Offline This year, online sales are expected to reach new heights, never before reached. Real estate analysts and Google both report similar mobile shopping trends in America. Even the news camera…Continue Reading “Richard Crenian: Canada’s Shopping Habits is Good News for Investors”

Richard Crenian has been asked many times… “What is happening in 2016 to the commercial real estate market?” There are many evolutions happening in the real estate markets for 2017. There are many speculations about what could occur in our real estate market during 2017. The main question that many investors has is whether it is the right time to buy or sell real estate assets this year. Richard Crenian is here to answer these questions and concerns. The Main Factors To Look At, According…Continue Reading “Richard Crenian: The Commercial Real-Estate Market in 2017”